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Increase Home Value by Improving Curb Appeal – Exterior Spruce Up Tips

This week has been a glorious week with the spring weather!  After our long-hard winter, we are all ready for spring!  I wanted to share with you ways to Increase Your Home’s Value by Improving the Curb Appeal of your home.  I think you will agree that these Exterior Spruce Up Tips are easy to do and will make a tremendous difference in your “curb appeal”!

Whether you are staying in your home for 10 years or wanting to sell within the next few months – we can all benefit from some spring “spruce-up tips”. 

Most of us drive home everyday and click on the garage door opener and drive into the garage without really looking at the front of our house.  I want you to walk across the street and look at your home.  This is the 1st impression a “potential buyer” has of your home.  Buyers make a decision when they drive by either on the street or the web whether they want to see more. Take a photo!  This is going to be your “before” photo.  Now create a plan for what you want to spruce up to improve your curb appeal.

Here are some ideas to get you started.  They are easy for you or a family member to do.  Or if you wish, check out my web site for a list of service providers that can help.

Lets start with the front door, garage door and shutters.  Are they in good repair?  Do they need a fresh coat of paint?  A new garage door gives your home an entirely new look!  ( I replaced my garage door a few years ago and I couldn’t believe the difference – it’s also the first thing most people see when they pull in your drive.)

Next – look at your windows – again are repairs needed to the windows or the trim?  Does the trim need to be painted

Spring is the perfect time to fertilize the lawn.  Time it a day or two before they are forecasting rain.  You will enjoy a green and lush lawn all summer. 

Your sidewalks, porch and driveway will sparkle after being powerwashed. 

Winter came early and many people were unable to remove all the leaves.  Spend an afternoon raking your flower beds and around your trees.  It’s a perfect time to add some flower bulbs and “cool weather” flowers for a touch of color.

To enhance the appearance and for safety reasons – check out your house numbers, porch lights and mailbox.  Your house number should be large enough that it is visible from the street.  Does your mailbox need painting or replaced?  A new exterior light fixture can be relatively inexpensive and give you the the “punch” you want to spruce up the front.

Your entry should be welcoming!  If you are planning to sell – you will want to add flowers or home decor that will entice the visitor into your home.  And if you are not selling – the flowers will look great!

Your curb appeal should say to your visitors that you are proud of your home.  Whether selling or staying – you will be glad you took the time to spruce up the exterior!  Your home will look better!  The neighborhood will look better!  By taking care of your home on a regular basis – your home will maintain it’s value and hopefully increase the value and the curb appeal.

Don’t forget — walk across the street and take that “after” photo for comparison! 

Have a great spring and take time to enjoy your home everyday!


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